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Tamanu Oil Green

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Our Tamanu Oil is originated from freshly ripped and dropped tamanu fruits in Indonesia. We obtain the oil by cold pressing dried nut kernels. The oil is then filtered through two times filtration, resulting in viscous dark green to yellow liquid. The oil is rich in fatty acids and resins that is suitable for general skin and cosmetic purposes. Tamanu Oil is also known to improve hair texture and thicken hair follicles. The antibacterial of Tamanu Oil can help soothe inflammation and eliminate fungal infections on the scalp.

Additional information

Part Used

Tamanu Nut Kernels

Botanical Name

Calophyllum inophyllum

Extraction Method

Cold Pressed


Dark Green to Yellow


This oil is a clear liquid at room temperature and may solidify in temperatures below 20 °C.


This oil penetrates the skin at an average speed, leaving a slightly oily residue.

Fatty Acids and Resin Profile

Fatty Acids 75-80 (%), Palmitic Acid 10-18 (%), Stearic Acid 13-20 (%), Oleic Acid 31-44 (%), Alpha Linoleic Acid < 1%, Resin 20-25 (%) coumarins, triterpenes, flavonoid

Aromatic Description

Tamanu Organic Carrier Oil has a rich, nutty, and slightly “green” scent.

Common Uses

Tamanu Organic Carrier Oil is reputed to have wondrous properties that gives various benefits such as acne treatment, anti-aging, skin moisturization, skin regeneration, anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation, it evens repair and diminish scars, stretch marks, and irritation.


Tamanu Organic Carrier Oil should be heated to 24 °C before it is incorporated into formulations. It should be used at 5-20% for skin care products and at 2-5% for makeup products.

Shelf Life

Users can expect a shelf life of up to 2 years with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Please refer to the Certificate of Analysis for the current “Best Before” date.


Persons with nut allergies should not use this oil.


It is recommended that cold-pressed carrier oils be kept in a cool, dark place to maintain freshness and achieve maximum shelf life. If refrigerated, bring to room temperature before using.


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